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"the groundwork of all happiness is good health."
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Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.

Veronica A. Shoffstall, “After a While,” 1971 (via mirroir (via librarylungs)

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Get your first month of the Snack Plan FREE :)
Today is PETBOX DAY! Aka my favorite day of the month. Its so much fun seeing how excited my puppies get when they see the blue box!
This month we got (I included the name, price, and the benefits of each product ☺):
1. Loving Pets It’s Purely Natural 100% Natural Dog Treats Chicken Jerky Bone-Shaped Treats ($7.99) - Made in USA. No additives, by-products or artificial preservatives. Glycerin, gluten, soy and wheat free
2. Evangers Grain Free Chicken Flavored Food for Cats & Dogs ($18.31) -Single source proteins, Excellent for pets with food sensitivities or allergies, Great for protein rotation diets and dry food toppers Naturally Grain and Gluten Free. Supplemental & great when mixed with dry food.
3. Bionic Bones All Natural Rotisserie Chicken Flavor Nutrient Water for Dogs ($4.95) - Each bowl contains 1000 mg of glucosamine, 105 mg chondroitin, only 12 calories, No preservatives, Packaging is a ready-to-serve bowl that dogs drink from directly. 
4. PetzInfo QR Tag ($12.99) - It’s a tag that you put on your dogs collar. With a scan from any smartphone, the user will be able to access the owner’s info, the pets info, veterinarian info, medical info & a quick & easy way to contact the owner. If your pet goes missing and their QR ID Tag is scanned, you’ll be notified immediately via email and a message on PetzInfo. The PetzInfo site also has a ton of other useful tools for pet owners offered for free.
5. Petsafe Lawn Protector 2 Pack ($14.99) - Lawn Protector Pucks purify your pet’s drinking water and stops urine from damaging your lawn.
6. Bark+ waste pick-up refill bags ($5.98) 
The cost of each box varies from $9.95-$39.95/month. Depending on the plan you get. You can use the code MINNIEKOVU to get 10% off :)
The total worth of this box is $65.21! So you get more than what you pay for plus some, and some really cool products to try.
tumblr: getpetbox 
Feeling beautiful has nothing to do with what you look like. I promise.

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I had run out and hadn’t had the chance to get more so I was using some old shampoo I had (that wasn’t natural!) It feels so good to be all natural again :)


Kovu Corleone x Minnie Maserati Prince x Princess. They pay for most of their own snacks and toys now. Hustlers.

My babies ♥